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GTD - Getting Things Done

David Allen and GTD at TEDxAmsterdam 2014

David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done the art of stress-free productivity, was a speaker at TEDx Amsterdam back in 2014.

Not much has changed since 2014 and his the best selling book and methodology continues to grow in popularity. David's approach is all about freeing up the mind to have great ideas. As David says, "The mind is for having ideas not for holding them".
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Free Trello GTD template

Have you read about the Getting Things Done (or GTD) productivity methodology and want to try a free tool?

As you will notice from my website I am a Trello user and I have created a free Trello GTD template which you can use absolutely free. By the way, Trello is also free and available for various platforms. Read More…

GTD - two minute rule

The Two Minute rule basically says, any action you've figured out that you could actually complete within two minutes, of where you are in the context you are, in the location you are, you're better off completing that action right now, rather deferring it. Read More…