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Capture tool (Trello) - Apple Shortcuts

If you're anything like me, I can never tell when I will have an idea or a task I need to capture. This can happen any time away from my desk, as I'm probably walking down the street. If you're familiar with the GTD productivity methodology, you'll know it's important to capture that thought, idea or action at the point in time that it occurs.

In cases like this, I use the free Apple Shortcuts application.


My create action shortcut, does the following:

  • Prompts for an action name
  • Prompts for an action description
  • Creates a new task on my Trello GTD board (free application), which I review at a later time.

Note: you will need to update the shortcut (last step - see image below) to change the destination of the action, which could be a different Trello board, or a different capture application within Apple shortcuts. If you are using Trello, you will need to update the Trello board in the last step (see image below - my board is called "Life Actions (GTD)".

See the Apple Shortcuts User Guide for more information.

Of course you can change the behaviour of the Apple shortcut to store the new action in a different application or location.

Trello create action

Works with Siri

Simply say, hey Siri, create action. You will be prompted to provide the action name and description (verbally). If you invoke the Shortcut manually, by tapping on the Shortcut, you will be prompted to manually enter the Action name and description.

For a detailed description of Apple Shortcuts, please review the Apple Shortcuts User Guide.

Get the Shortcut

Download the Apple Shortcut - Create action.

For assistance running or importing the Shortcut, please review the Apple guide to sharing Shortcuts and the Apple Shortcuts User Guide.